Experience Bobby Motta, the mentalist and mind reader who gives a performance you have to see to believe. Canadaʼs own master of the unknown earns props from celebrities here and abroad, astounding stars like Russell Crowe and Nelly Furtado. He is one of the most sought-out consultants behind the scenes, loaning out his secrets to names like David Blaine, and Criss Angel, and consulting on some of Stage and TVʼs biggest production spectaculars to date.

Bobby sets the stage with tricky mind play, manipulating showgoers with deceptively simple psychology, then he goes deeper, pulling audiences into his mysterious hidden past with gripping stories that blindside reality and border on the paranormal. Make no mistake: once you're inside Bobby's mind, he's already inside yours. Gray Matter is an experience thatʼs in a word – unbelievable.


FRIDAY and SATURDAY doors open at 7:00pm for the 8:15PM SHOW                                                                        and 9:45pm for the 10:15PM SHOW

Tickets are $20 per person. For an additional $10 you can purchase an UNLIMITED* Powerplay Card to be used in Dave & Buster's midway after the show.

  • Food and drinks can be ordered in the showroom at the time the doors open. Seating is general so please come early to have preferred seats. If you have a large group attending please email us to arrange group seating in advance of the show.
  • For reservations and more information email                                                               
  • Shows are all ages however Dave & Buster's requires everyone under the age of 19 to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 25. ID is required to enter the Dave & Buster grounds.

*Powerplay cards hold 48 credits to use on games that give tickets to be redeemed for prizes. The card also gives UNLIMITED play on all arcade games that don't give redeemable tickets.